Marvel Venom T-shirt + Mug Bundle - £14.99

Marvel Venom T-shirt + Mug Bundle - £14.99
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Bundle contains:

Official Spider-Man Venom Molded Mug

This isn't just a mug it's an official molded Spider-man Venom mug. Giving you more mug for your money this mug is molded to represent the gruesome face of the Spider-man supervillain Venom, known for his symbiote qualities and deadly powers. The mug sees the classic Venom look with red and black complexion, white eyes and razor-toothed mouth. This ceramic mug has a high-quality look and feel with an all-over glaze, this mug has a large and sturdy handle and holds up to 16oz of fluid. Please be aware this Spider-man Venom molded mug is not dishwasher or microwave safe and should be hand washed.

Venom Bare Teeth Men's T-Shirt - Black

From the Spiderman comics of the 80ís to its 2018 feature film, the symbiotic alien Venom has terrified and excited fans of Marvelís greatest anti-hero. With a huge range of designs based on the Venom symbiote, youíre bound to be the perfect Ďhostí for these t-shirts and merch!

Wed Jul 18, 2018 12:43 pm


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