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Nintendo 2DS Console New Super Mario Bros 2 Special Edition (3DS) - £64 Using Code

Nintendo 2DS Console New Super Mario Bros 2 Special Edition (3DS) - £64 Using Code
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Product Description

Offering you additional variety and value in your handheld gaming options, the Nintendo 2DS is a streamlined version of the Nintendo 3DS that will play games available for Nintendo 3DS, as well as Nintendo DS in 2D.

The Nintendo 2DS retains many of the same hardware features as the Nintendo 3DS including the same Nintendo 3DS gameplay controls, backwards compatibility with the vast existing library of Nintendo DS games, as well as wireless connectivity features such as access to Nintendo eShop as well as StreetPass and SpotPass functionality. However the console takes on a new distinctive fixed, slate form design, and will play all packaged and download Nintendo 3DS games in 2D.

The new console is a great introduction for those unfamiliar with Nintendo, and it is also a fantastic new way to enjoy the handheld experience for those already a part of the DS family.

Your Nintendo 2DS purchase includes:

Nintendo 2DS System

Nintendo 2DS stylus

Nintendo 3DS AC Adapter

SDHC Memory Card 4GB

6 AR Cards

Userís Manual

Please note: the memory card and stylus are contained within the actual hardware and are not loose in the box

Tue Jun 25, 2019 5:20 pm


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