Owlboy (Switch) - £15.85

Owlboy (Switch) - £15.85
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Owlboy tells the touching story of owl misfit Otus, a feathery little fellow struggling to live the owl life. Fate strikes when Otus' beautiful homeland is invaded by a horde of malicious sky pirates. Otus embarks on a fascinating journey through seemingly endless skies and mysterious, monster infested ruins. He must recruit his friends to employ their special puzzling- and combat skills, fight his foes and fly his way to safety.

Heartfelt, intriguing story

Detailed, colorful and beautifully vibrant pixel art style

Switch between Otus' friends at any time

Tremendous variety in surroundings and enemie

Explore massive dungeons and face epic boss battles

Fri Dec 07, 2018 12:31 pm


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