South Park: The Stick of Truth (PC) - £2.79 ( Digital Code)

South Park: The Stick of Truth (PC) - £2.79 ( Digital Code)
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Product Description

South Park: The Game is the newly developed role playing game from the hilarious and parody-based television show South Park both written and created by Trey Parker and Matt Stone. This latest video game installment of the franchise is brought to you by Obsidian renowned as being creators of such brilliant games as Fallout: New Vegas amongst others. The game has been developed through access to the entire back catalogue and assets of the long running television show making sure the game is as close to the series as possible. The storyline sets you as the new kid in town determined to make friends with the local kids; main characters Cartman Kyle and Kenny amongst others. Your mobile phone provides the in-game menu and a social networking site similar to facebook provides a record of all the friends you make. The game is styled as a parody RPG with character customisation classes covering Fighter Mage Thief Cleric and Jew (Paladin/Monk) displaying the same humour and long-running jokes from the program in the game itself. There are also factions included in this production such as Hippies Goths Crab People Gingers and more. Each of these offers you the chance to either perform quests for them to increase your reputation or battle with them and make yourself some brand new enemies. Combat is you being part of a small party with each member taking it in turn to make a move or attack. Your weaponry and armour are quite possibly the worst you could ever have in a game; but that's the fun. Weapons are specially designed to reflect what a regular kid could find or make with a dash of imagination. Think wooden swords suction cup arrows and others along those lines. Armour ranges from towel capes to oven mitt gloves with everything inbetween. There are also regular items such as soda pop being used as magic potions and coffee which when drank increases your speed in battle. Chinpokomon the show's parody of Pokémon make an appearance as collectibles and there is also plenty of loot to be found and scavenged throughout the game. Probably the most hilarious game ever to be produced by Obsidian South Park: The Game offers enough gaming aspects and such close similarity to the television show itself that it'll be hard for even the most die hard fans to find flaw in it. Defend your new town home and friends from an onslaught of various enemies and attacks with a hefty dose of humour and fun. (Cat Emerson) Features: The Definitive South Park Experience Written and voiced by Trey Parker and Matt Stone The Stick of Truth brings their unique brand of humor to video gaming. An Epic Quest To Become... Cool Earn your place alongside Stan Kyle Cartman and Kenny and join them in a hysterical adventure to save South Park. Friends With Benefits Recruit classic South Park characters to your cause. Intense Combat Arm yourself to the teeth with an arsenal of magical weapons and mystical armor. South Park Customization Insert yourself into South Park with something like a billion character clothing and weapon combinations. Click Image To Enlarge

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