Official Sony PlayStation Memory Card 32GB PS Vita (Vita) - £39.14

Official Sony PlayStation Memory Card 32GB PS Vita (Vita) - £39.14
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Play Asia often sell imports from abroad that work in the UK. Please check region before buying if this is a concern.

Don't forget you can get the 64GB for about £55-ish here:

Product Description

The PlayStation Vita Memory Card will be an essential purchase for new Vita users. The PlayStation Vita has no internal memory for user data, internal memory is reserved for System Software updates only. The PlayStation Vita Memory Card allows users to store their save games, video files and other content safely and securely - carrying it with them wherever they go. Keep your saved game data safe and secure with an official PlayStation Vita memory card - essential for all PlayStation Vita owners Use your memory cards for storing content downloaded from PlayStation Store, as well as media content and game saves

Tue May 06, 2014 11:28 am


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