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PS Vita Memory Cards (Preowned): 16GB £19.99 / 8GB £9.99 / 4GB £4.99 #psvita #vita

PS Vita Memory Cards (Preowned): 16GB £19.99 / 8GB £9.99 / 4GB £4.99 #psvita #vita
Grainger Games
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This item is preowned

GG take payment immediately at time of order (more info).

Been looking for a spare one of these. Can't decide whether to bite the bullet and go for the 64GB one or not

Product Description

Enjoy all of your digital entertainment with the 16GB PlayStation®Vita Memory Card. Store your game saves PSN downloads and personal media on this memory card. Save up to* 4 – 8 full PlayStation®Vita games 12 movies 4 568 songs or 3 200 photos and take them wherever you go.Features: The Official PlayStation®Vita Memory Card Required for most game play on PS Vita Store game saves PSN downloads and personal media Provide storage for up to*: 4 – 8 full PS Vita games 12 Movies 4 568 Songs 3 200 Photos * Or any combination of the above media. Calculations based on 1.75GB – 3.5GB average for full PS Vita games 1.3GB average for movies 3.5MB average for songs and 5MB average for photos.

Tue Apr 05, 2016 11:58 am


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