Sony PlayStation Vita, Wi-Fi with Rayman Origins Game, 4GB Me... (Vita)

Sony PlayStation Vita, Wi-Fi with Rayman Origins Game, 4GB Me...
Format PS Vita
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Transform the way you connect, game and share with the Sony PlayStation Vita. A stunning 5-inch OLED screen and front and back cameras transport your physical world into your digital one, as well as allowing you to play the biggest and best games for a social world. And with Wi-Fi, youíll be able to engage nearby gamers with a virtual gift or some old fashioned smack-talk. Thanks to cross platform play the action never ends Ė just store it to the cloud and pick up on the Vita or on your PS3. Key features: See your games more brilliantly than ever before with the 5-inch OLED screen which displays approximately 16 million colours. Use the front and rear cameras on your PS Vita create amazing augmented reality experiences in your games by transporting your world or yourself into the game. With PS Vita's motion sensor technology youíll actively engage with the game like never before as you touch, tilt, and steer your PS Vita. Discover endless ways to manipulate your environment, engage with your characters, and utilize the in-game tools. The multi touch display offers new ways to complete challenges and actions alike. The rear multi touch pad gives you greater hand control while freeing up the brilliance of the front OLED screen. Discover a fully immersive first person shooter experience with dual analog sticks. With cross platform play you can start playing a game on your PS3 console, pause the game and pick up on PS Vita right where you left off. You can also join in multiplayer games on your PS Vita and play against players on their PS3 consoles. All digital PSP releases are also available for you to enjoy. Rayman Origins Game The Glade of Dreams has been overrun by the nefarious Darktoons, and only Rayman, with the help of his pal Globox, can save the day. Visit crazy cartoon locales full of action-packed side-scrolling gaming. Itís not all running and jumping though, and Rayman will have to fight, shoot and swim his way out of trouble and through the obstacles that get in his way. Making the adventure even more dangerous are the screen-filling bosses that are out to put an end to Raymanís quest! Giant pink monsters with hundreds of eyes and a possessed, mountain-sized golem are just some of the challenges that will test your platforming skills


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