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Carnival Island (Move) (PS3) - £4.85

Carnival Island (Move) (PS3) - £4.85
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Product Description

Exclusively available on PlayStation 3 Carnival Island transports you to a secret festival of fun and frolics. The party starts in an explosion of excitement as you're introduced to the mysteries of the island through a short and delightfully animated cartoon movie. With two children stumbling upon a carnival you join them in their quest to bring this wonderland back to colourful life by playing a variety of attractions.This enjoyable family game is bright and vibrant creating a magical atmosphere to match its story. On hand to help you are a group of friendly people and a collection of cute animals who offer encouragement and interesting facts about your enchanting surroundings.Experience the magic of the secret carnival island on PS3 Discover a world of wonders as you explore the fairground and help bring the magical Carnival Island back to life. Take on friends and family in over 35 fun-filled games and attractions and win exciting interactive prizes. Strike a pose in front of the Magic Mirror and create some truly wacky images.

Mon Jan 23, 2012 10:44 am


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