Medievil with Collector's Steelbook + Avatar Items (PS4) - £24.99

Medievil with Collector's Steelbook + Avatar Items (PS4) - £24.99
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Pre-order MediEvil at GAME to get 10 MediEvil PlayStation avatars and a MediEvil Steelbook.

Or £21.85 at Base for standard edition:

Product Description

Relive the original adventure on PlayStation4. The beloved fan favourite has been completely remade from the grave up, blending classic gameplay with stunning visuals, all in eye popping 4K. Step into the bones of Sir Daniel Fortesque, a slightly inept (and long dead) knight accidentally resurrected by his enemy, the evil sorcerer Zarok. With a second chance to foil his greatest foe, Dan will once again set out to save the kingdom of Gallowmere and earn his place as a true hero.

Mon Jul 22, 2019 12:34 pm


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