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    Snooker 19 (PS4) - £23.85
    Sat Apr 06, 2019 10:55 pm

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    The official video game of World Snooker and the most realistic simulation of snooker ever created.

    Snooker 19 is the definitive snooker experience on XBOX ONE packed with rewarding singleplayer and multiplayer modes that bring the official World Snooker season to life like never before.

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    Madden NFL 18: G.O.A.T. Super Bowl Edition (PS4 Download) - £19.99
    Mon Jan 22, 2018 1:32 am

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    Edition contains Madden NFL 18 Standard Edition plus G.O.A.T. Super Bowl Content:

    - Choice of 1 of 5 Elite G.O.A.T. Players (Tom Brady, Jerry Rice, Ray Lewis, Franco Harris, Deion Sanders)

    - 7 Squad Packs

    - 2500 Contracts

    - 1 Fantasy Uniform Pack


    Madden NFL 18, is Madden like you’ve never seen it! From the introduction of the first-ever story mode Longshot, to exciting new ways to team up and play with friends— all powered by Madden’s debut on the celebrated Frostbite Engine—This is the year!

    Build your NFL World Champion, Super Bowl line up in Madden Ultimate Team today with the Madden NFL 18: G.O.A.T. Super Bowl Edition. Celebrate Super Bowl XLII and start your dynasty with one of five G.O.A.T. Super Bowl players: QB Tom Brady, WR Jerry Rice, LB Ray Lewis, RB Franco Harris or CB Deion Sanders. In addition, advance your ultimate team roster with 7 Squad Packs featuring today’s NFL athletes, 2500 contracts to keep your best line up intact and one Fantasy Uniform pack where you can select your favorite uniform for use within Madden NFL 18 Ultimate Team, the complete NFL team-building mode where you build, play and win.

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